las vegas plumbing tips

Las Vegas Plumbing Tips 

Las Vegas Plumbing Tips 

Las Vegas has a unique community infrastructure and utility build that Las Vegas Plumbing has vast knowledge of. With that being said, we have hard water in our homes, recycled water from Lake Mead that is treated differently, a unique sewage system and other nuances that our experience will help you, the Las Vegas resident, troubleshoot some of the most common issues. Below are some of our plumbing tips that our customers frequently ask about that we felt we should post, not just for our customers, but the Las Vegas community that we are part of and care for.

If you smell gas, call Southwest Gas right away 1-877-860-6020.

If you think you have a water leak:

1. Shut valve off on top of water heater.

2. Shut valve off that is in front of your house. It is usually by sewer cleanout and anti-syphon for your sprinklers.

3. Shut water off at street in meter box. You might need a meter key for it.

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If you have a water leak that is flooding your house – you can:

1. Check meter and see if a little red or white triangle in middle of meter is spinning.

2. Shut off valve on water heater or valve in front of house. If meter is still spinning, the leak is in your yard.

3. If meter is barely moving, it could be one of your toilets. The flapper or fluidmaster could be defective.

las vegas water shut off valve

If you have a sewer back-up:

1. You can remove clean-out cap which should be in front of the house.

2. If pipe is holding water, the clog is between clean-out and street.

3. If it’s not holding water, the clog is inside the house. Stop running water and using shower, washer and toilets. This will create a mess.

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