Las Vegas Plumbing Company exposes 8 common plumbing myths

Homeowners that follow common plumbing myths can often exacerbate plumbing issues or even introduce new issues that can damage fixtures, cause water damage, or require expensive professional repairs. Las Vegas Plumbing, Inc. exposes 8 common plumbing myths that will help you maintain a safe and effective plumbing system.

1) Drain cleaners are safe and effective – the harsh ingredients used in drain openers can be damaging and cause your pipes to deteriorate. If you use a plunger after putting the drain opener down the drain it could splash product on you, get in your eyes or you could inadvertently breathe in the chemicals causing serious injury. It is always best to try plungers and augers without the addition of drain opening products.

8 common plumbing myths

2) Flushable wipes are flushable – Despite their name we do not encourage their use. “Flushable” wipes can cause major clogging issues. Although they claim to be biodegradable they have the potential to back up your entire pipe system.

3) It’s OK to put hot grease down the sink – Because grease is fluid and easy to dump down the drain many think that it is ok for your pipes. However, when the grease temperature lowers it solidifies and can form a clog that is difficult to remove. Always wipe the grease out with a paper towel and dispose of in a garbage can.

4) A slow leaking faucet is of no concern – Whenever there is a faucet dripping that won’t stop you are wasting gallons of water, causing additional wear and tear on the plumbing fixtures and adding to your water bill! Contact the best plumbing company in Las Vegas at (702) 914-3700 to resolve stubborn leaks.

5) Putting a brick in the toilet tank will save you money – Have you heard that putting a brick in the toilet tank will save you money by utilizing less water? Doing so can cause problems to your tank and even break the toilet flapper (thereby requiring an additional flush that wastes water). Your toilet requires a certain amount of water in order to flush properly – not having an adequate water source can cause interior damage to the tank. In addition, bricks have a tendency to crumble over time. We recommend that you leave them out of your toilet tank!

6) Bleach tablets will keep your toilet fresh and clean – The heavy concentration of bleach can eat away at the inner workings of your toilet in about six months with constant use. While it is fine to use bleach to clean your toilet, it is not recommended to leave it sitting in the bowl for more than ten minutes.

7) Water heaters are about to explode if you hear a gurgling or loud rumbling noise – What is more likely occurring is the shifting of sediment from hard water being moved around inside the water heater. Having sediment near the burner at the bottom of the tank can cause loud noises (which is really just air popping). The best thing to do if you hear rumbling noises is to call 24/7 Las Vegas Plumbers at (702) 914-3700 to drain and flush your water heater.

8) Plumbing is easy to fix yourself – Although some DIY projects for regular plumbing maintenance can save you money, most DIY plumbing repairs, if not done properly, could lead to even bigger problems that cost a lot more to fix. Not all plumbers are the same! At Las Vegas Plumbing, Inc. we pride ourselves on our 40 year history serving the Las Vegas Metropolitan area. Let the experts at  Las Vegas Plumbing, Inc. handle all of your plumbing concerns. Our decades of repair knowledge with an emphasis on providing excellent customer service in a timely fashion will provide ease of mind and the confidence that the job was done right the first time!