Garbage Disposal Tips During the Holiday Season

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As Thanksgiving and the winter holidays rapidly approach, everyone will be using their garbage disposals more. From planning special dinners to holiday baking, your garbage disposal drain will be put to the test. With increased cooking and baking, you will need to dispose of extra food scraps but placing incompatible foods in your disposal can cause your sink to clog, flooding to occur or the entire system to break. Follow these garbage disposal tips that Las Vegas Plumbing, Inc. recommends and avoid plumbing damage during the holiday season!

Keep these foods out of your garbage disposal!

  • 1) Charcuterie board items are a drain’s worst nightmare! Nuts, when spun by the disposal, form a paste that is thick. Olive pits can easily break blades or get into the disposal motor. Cheese is greasy with a high fat content. Combined, these fatty food items will become sticky and collect food scraps that will eventually form a clog. Never dump these items down your garbage disposal!
  • 2) Generally speaking, it is not recommended that meat scraps be placed in your garbage disposal because of the risk of bones and gristle getting caught in the system.  Dispose of your turkey and ham leftovers in the trash. If a bone were to be inadvertently thrown into the disposal it could break your disposal’s motor.
  • 3) Starchy items expand when added to water. Foods like mashed potatoes and stuffing will become enlarged as they travel through your drain and that may create an obstruction.
  • 4) Always throw out excess grease and oils directly into the trash. Foods such as gravies and salad dressings are full of fats that can line your pipes and trap other items coming down the disposal.
  • 5) Coffee grounds become extremely dense and sticky when wet and will create a clog when put down the sink.

Best practices to follow to ensure a long garbage disposal life!

  • 1) Run the garbage disposal every few days if not used on a regular basis. Cold water running through the blades will prevent them from rusting. Added water will also allow an additional opportunity to get rid of any excess food stuck to the sides of the disposal. 
  • 2) Don’t use commercial drain cleaners to unclog your disposal. Drain cleaner or bleach particles might fly out of the disposal and into your eyes the next time you turn it on! – Prevent bad odors with warm water and lemons. Pour warm water with cut up lemon peels down your drain. Lemons are high in citric acid which has antibacterial properties and the peels will scrub the drain as they go down the pipes. This is an all natural remedy that provides a pleasant scent as well! 
  • 3) Garbage disposal Tips suggest cleaning your garbage disposal every two weeks with the following method as suggested by Home Depot: Sprinkle a half-cup of baking soda into the opening of the garbage disposal. Pour in a cup of white vinegar and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Turn on the garbage disposal and allow hot water to rinse away the baking soda mixture.

Should you experience any clogs, disposal breaks or flooding during this holiday season, contact Las Vegas Plumbing, Inc. at (702) 914-3700 for prompt repairs and expert service!